Butterfly Programs

For over thirty five years Rick Mikula has been delighting audiences of all ages with his humorous and off beat way of looking at butterflies. From Pre-k to College, any type of group will be spellbound and amazed at his fast-paced and high-energy performances. Rick's PowerPoint programs will not only show the beauty of butterflies that he has found on his travels but also the wonderful creatures that wait right outside your door. Mounted specimens will demonstrate the mystery of camouflage and the trickery of disguise that butterflies and moths use to escape predators. 'Live' butterflies are always the high point of every presentationas Rick demonstrates just how easily they can be handled and cared for in the classroom.

Teachers and students will learn how to raise butterflies and moths at any time of year by using simple, recyclable, household items. They will earn the secrets of butterfly gardens that will not only attract the flying jewels of the sky, but also cause them to lay eggs and start a population right at your school. His teacher in-service days programs are also perfect for instructing teachers for making butterflies a year long curriculum or setting up in school atriums and gardens. Book signings and Artist In Residence programs can be arranged as well as all day science fairs. Prices vary accordingly to group size, location, and nature and duration of the presentations, so it is best to call for the best price available - 570-459-1327.

Program Topics

'Raising Butterflies In The Classroom'
A workshop for teachers and naturalist for the proper rearing of butterflies for educational purposes.

'Let's Become Wildlife Scientist'
An 'After School' or 'Kids At Risk' programs that varies or several weeks depending on the groups needs and schedule. This is a comprehensive series of programs that covers various forms of wildlife including birds, fish, reptiles, plants and insects.

'Rainforest Rambles'
After spending  quite a bit of time visiting rainforest and conducting tours Rick share his knowledge and photography that he acquired along the way.

'The Jungle Among Us'
Learn about the jungle of insects that live in our gardens and fields near our homes.

'Winter Insects'
How to locate and enjoy various insects in the dead of winter.

'Soda Bottle Science'
Learn how to do amazing experiments with household items that won't blow up the kitchen.

'Let's Make Toys'
Rick shows you how to make amazing toys and useful things from discarded house items. It is the perfect program to excite children's creativity and artistic abilities. It is designed to get them away from the computer and play like children while learning to share and explore their imaginations.