Best Butterfly Books

Butterfly FandexThe Butterfly Fandex is a favorite of students and teachers alike. Rick has picked 50 of the most interesting and colorful butterflies from around the world and tells fun facts and interest details about every one. The butterflies represent countries that are in the 'News' so the students and teachers can easily related to their geography. The Fandex is also useful for teaching Science, Art, and Biology at the novice level. BUY ONLINE

Family Butterfly BookThe Family Butterfly Book is just that! It was written for families to enjoy together. Winner of the prestigious "Quill and Trowel" award for its ease of communication, The Family Book teaches young and old alike how to enjoy the treasures that wait for them in their very own gardens. Rick has included pictures of the various stages of each butterfly including its egg, caterpillar, caterpillar and adult forms. The book is filled with easy to do projects that utilize household items to help anyone raise butterflies right inside the home. The book also explains how to construct proper butterfly habitats and gardens both at home or at school. It is a favorite of teacher because of the many simple experiments and activities described inside. BUY ONLINE

Garden Butterflies of North AmericaGarden Butterflies of North America will always be one of my favorite because I wrote it with my wife Claudia. Published in a coffee table book format it includes color photographs of each butterfly and a list of plants and flowers that attract it. There are chapters on life cycles and on creating a garden to attract butterflies, including a region-by-region list of food and cover plants to entice them and a list of herbs and the butterflies they attract. There is also a guide to the most popular gardens and zoos where butterflies can be studied. The Nature Book Society, National Wildlife Federation, and Organic Gardening book clubs have all featured Garden Butterflies as one of their selections. BUY ONLINE