Meet Rick Mikula

Rick Mikula Butterfly ExpertRick Mikula has been breeding and sharing his love of butterflies for with audiences for the past 35 years. He is currently President of Butterfly Rescue International and serves as consultant to both the Association For Butterflies and The International Butterfly Breeders Association. Rick is a co-founder and past president of the IBBA, has served as a vice president of the Canadian Butterfly Breeders and Exhibitors Association, secretary and treasurer for the New Jersey Lepidopterist Society, and on the BOD for The Center for Landscape Design and Stewardship. He is also the pioneer and inventor of the releasing butterflies at weddings and funerals and has helped to make it a global phenomenon.

Rick has written several book on butterflies including the award winning "The Family Butterfly Book. "The Butterfly Fandex" and "Garden Butterflies of North America" and served as staff writer for several magazines. He has been featured man magazines including, People, Organic Gardening, and Entrepreneur.

He has appeared on many TV shows including Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel, and has served as consultant for others such as CSI - Las Vegas. Rick has also designed several live commercial butterfly exhibits including the Hershey Butterfly House, Clyde Peeling's Reptiland, and DollyWood. He has also helped numerous organizations install butterfly gardens at their locations and has been consultant to various endangered butterfly re-establishment projects such as The National Wild Turkey Federation and in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. He also conducts butterfly and botanical photography tours through Central and North America.

He has presented to every type of group imaginable from children with severe developmental disadvantages to the Smithsonian Institution, and from Mainline garden clubs to the New Jersey Correctional systems and everyone in between. From Pre-K to college Rick has a program for you.


Organic Gardening (on cover)
Butterfly Farming
Vogue (in Italy)
Better Homes and Gardens
New Jersey Outdoors
Keystone Outdoors
Modern Bride
Philadelphia Bride
Hawaiian Bride
Bird Watchers Digest
Environment Pennsylvania (photo on cover)
Pennsylvania Magazine
City Beat

Backyard Living
People, Places and Plants
Organic Flower Gardening
Gardener to Gardener
Keystone Conservationalist
Travel and Holiday
Country Music
Real People
Coal Age
Colors (France)
New Age Journal
Income Opportunities


AP Wire Service Carriers
Gamma Laison (French wire service)
Wall Street Journal
New York Times
Philadelphia Inquirer
Yomiuri Japan Evening News
Los Angeles Times
Detroit Free Press
The New York Observer

The San Franciso Chronical
Northeast Business Report
Rome Business Report (Italy)
Jakarta Times
Star Ledger of NJ
Kauaii Business Report
Garden Island News
Rocky Mountain Times
Calcutta News


Rick has appeared on many TV shows the aired Nationally and worldwide for he Animal Planet Network, The Discovery Channel, Fox Network and PCN to name a few. Other shows have been done for many other network and local stations throughout North America. The various news interviews are too numerous too list but some of the shows that have aired are listed below.

Animal Planet Network
   Twisted Tales - The Butterflies
Fox Network
    Bloomberg Business Report
FX Network
    Breakfast Time with Tom and Laurie
    New York NY
The Discovery Channel
    Home Matters, 2 appearances
PCN-TV Tours
    Pennsylvania Cable Network tours
    Harrisburg PA
WUSA-TV "Morning News"(CBS)
Washington, D.C.
WTTG-TV "Noon News" (Fox)
    Washington, D.C.
WBBM-TV Channel 2 (CBS)
    Chicago, IL
WFLD-TV "Fox Thing in the Morning"
    Chicago, IL
CLTV "Morning & Midday News" (Cable)
    Chicago, IL
WCIU-TV "Building Blocks" (Cable)
    Chicago, IL
WCIU-TV "After School Homework Show" (Cable)
    Chicago, IL
WKRN-TV "Noon News" Channel 2 (ABC)
    Nashville, TN
WTVF-TV "Talk of the Town" Channel 5 (CBS)
    Nashville, TN
WAGA-TV "Good Day Atlanta" (Fox)
    Atlanta, GA
WPXA-TV "Healthy Home Show" (Pax)
    Marietta, GA
WXLA-TV "Noon News" (NBC)

    Atlanta, GA
WHAS-TV (ABC) Channel 11 "Good Morning Kentuckiana"
    Louisville, KY

WLKY-TV (CBS) "The Morning Report"
    Louisville, KY
WKYT-TV "The Morning Show" (CBS)
    Lexington, KY
WLEX-TV "Let's do Lunch" (NBC)
    Lexington, KY
WKRC-TV Channel 12 (CBS)
    Cincinnati, OH
Insight Communications - Cable TV
"Northern Kentucky Magazine"

    Covington, KY
WLW-TV "Meet the Author"
    Cincinnati, OH
WSYZ-TV Channel 6 (ABC) "News Center at 7 am"
    Columbus, OH
ONN (Ohio Network News)
    Columbus, OH
WGAL TV Call of the Outdoors (CBS)
    Lancaster Pa
    Scranton PA
WYOU Morning News
    Birds Eye View
WNEP (ABC), Scranton PA
   Pennsylvania Outdoor Life
   The Morning Weather with Joe Snedeker
   On The Road Hatchy Milatchy
   Topper's Club House
    The Garden Spot
   Kids Express
   Environmentally Speaking
   Coffee Break


Rick is the veteran of many world wide radio interviews on FM, AM and Short wave And has been heard throughout the United States, Canada, and Central America. Some of his most recent interviews are listed below.

WAMU-FM "Public Interest" w/ host Kojo Nnamdi (NPR)
    Washington, D.C.
WHHY - 91FM "You Bet Your Garden" w/Mike McGrath (NPR)
    Philadelphia PA
WILL-Radio (NPR) "Afternoon Magazine w/ host Celeste Quinn"
    Urbana, IL
Tennessee Radio Network "Tennessee Matters" (80 affiliate stations)
    Nashville, TN
The Tennessean
    Nashville, TN
WVLK-AM 590 Talk "Jack Patty Show"
    Lexington, KY
WKNU-FM (NPR) "Morning Edition"
    Highland Heights, KY
WBEZ- Radio "848 w/Steve Edwards"
    Chicago, IL