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Please help me with my quest to help the Association for Butterflies Conservation, Research, Farming and Gardening to reach 2015 likes. They are a great group of people that love butterflies and sharing the wisdom of butterflies on their Facebook page. Please like them on Facebook today! You can also visit the AFB website >

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Everyone likes swimming in the summer time, monarchs included.

You have always heard that if a butterfly got water on its wings it could no longer fly. In the rainforest we have routinely watched butterflies glide back and forth through a jungle waterfall to enjoy the mist. You can even see butterflies enjoying a light drizzle in your garden without any ill effects and helps to keep its wings flexible. I am happy that this monarch never believed those old tales. This video demonstrates how water tolerant a monarch butterfly can be. After a gentle dip in the pool it flies off to parts unknown. View video >

The Butterfly Website

Be sure to visit The Butterfly Website, one of the oldest butterfly websites on the Internet! Here you can find a butterfly exhibit near you, learn how to participate in butterfly counts, see great butterfly pictures, learn about butterfly gardening, and so much more!